Scoliosis Bootcamp Program

Scoliosis Bootcamp Program

The Boot Camp program is an intensive two week scoliosis exercise rehabilitation program designed to decrease existing spinal curvatures over 25º and eliminate the need for bracing or surgery.

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Make no mistake... this is NOT a brace!

Our patented Scoliosis Activity Suit uses active resistance and your body’s own motion to help your spine return to a more neutral and straight position.
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Proactive Scoliosis Prevention

This program is designed to correct spine curvature and prevent the progression of scoliosis during the early stages below 25º
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Rebalance your child's neurotransmitters and improve response to scoliosis exercises.

Rebalance your child’s neurotransmitters and improve response to scoliosis exercises.
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Adult Scoliosis Program

A less intensive, 5 day program with the goal of increasing mobility, relieving pain, and preventing further progression and spinal deformity.
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mother-daughter-sittingWhy Do Scoliosis Patients from Across the Country and Around the World Travel to ScoliSMART™ Clinics?

Over a decade ago we started out on a journey to find “a better way” to treat scoliosis, a way that focused on treating the condition itself, and not just the spinal curve, a way that produced no side effects or pain for the patient, a non-invasive way to train the brain how to learn to hold the spine in a straighter position automatically, and a way to allow a kid to still be a kid, not a condition.

For over 100 years, scoliosis treatment has remained relatively unchanged. Researchers don’t know specifically what causes it, and medical doctors still provide limited treatment options including rigid braces or highly invasive surgery, both of which carry consequences. We understand a great deal more about idiopathic scoliosis than we did even 10 years ago. Knowing that scoliosis is a complex condition that involves several systems of the body and not just bone, muscle, and ligaments, ScoliSMART doctors have created the first scoliosis treatment system to include options that address these systems that are creating and controlling spinal deformity. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with scoliosis and are continuing to improve long term results for patients worldwide.

How Do ScoliSMART™ Doctors Treat Scoliosis?

ScoliSMART doctors offer a new and innovative approach for treating scoliosis. We believe all patients diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis have a choice, a smart, effective and safe choice that is an alternative to traditional scoliosis treatment. We offer scoliosis treatment programs for both adults and children whether you have a mild curvature, moderate curvature, or in some instances severe curvature where surgery has been recommended. Dr. Sid’s goal is to provide evidence based outcomes to stop progression, reduce existing curvature, relieve pain, and improve function whenever possible.

Small Curve Camp™: Never watch and wait when a proactive program can alter the natural course of the scoliosis condition. Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention can reduce or even eliminate the risk of progression, reduce existing scoliosis, and empower parents and kids with a long term treatment plan for their condition. Our 5 day program is the ideal place to start when first diagnosed with a curve less than 25 degrees.

Scoliosis BootCamp™: A 10 day program designed to reduce and stabilize existing scoliosis curves 25 degrees or greater. No braces, no surgery, just results using innovative spinal rehabilitation including static auto response training, dynamic training using the patented scoliosis activity suit, and nutritional support to enhance results and stability of corrections.

ScoliPAIN: For adult patients who suffer from pain related to degenerative scoliosis and are looking for a nonsurgical scoliosis treatment option to reduce their pain and stabilize their scoliosis.

Scoliosis Activity Suit™: An innovative neoprene suit that can be worn under clothing. The suit activates with movement providing resistance that helps untwist your scoliosis naturally, never forced.

ScoliSMART Nutritional Support:  A simple urine test that provides detailed information regarding neurotransmitters that are linked to scoliosis progression. Balancing these crucial brain chemicals can improve response to treatment and potentially slow progression. Get Your Free Scoliosis Nutritional Test Kit Today!

The following links allow you to better understand the scoliosis condition and help in your search for a scoliosis treatment program.

What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a sideways curve in the spine of greater than 10 degrees when viewed from front to back and is diagnosed by an x-ray. Spinal curvature is a complex three dimensional condition that causes twisting of the ribcage as well as flattening of normally curved side view of the spine.

What Causes Scoliosis? While the actual cause of scoliosis is unknown, it is believed that certain genetic and environmental factors contribute to the beginnings and progression of this spinal condition that affects 3-5% of the population.

Scoliosis Information for Adults and Children In most cases, scoliosis will present itself in the adolescent years – starting out as a mild curve that in time, may or may not progress into a more severe curvature. However, sometimes adults can begin to display the beginning stages of scoliosis due to environmental reasons – like repetitive motions, poor posture, and bone density loss.

Scoliosis Treatment Recommendations The treatment options for scoliosis patients has until recently, been limited to watching and waiting (in the early stages of the condition), and if the curvature progresses above twenty five degrees, then bracing was recommended – if the curvature progressed past forty degrees, then spinal surgery was frequently recommended.

Scoliosis Braces In an attempt to prevent further curve progression, there have been many forms of braces that have been developed over the years. These braces range from soft to rigid, covering part or all of the torso, and must be worn for up to twenty three hours per day. The long-term effectiveness of bracing has not been shown to prevent further progression, or aid in restoring spinal stability or increased flexibility.

Is Scoliosis Surgery Dangerous? Multiple level spinal fusions are the most invasive orthopedic procedure performed. These surgeries often take 6-8 hours to perform with a 55% failure rate with in 15-20 years post operation. Although some correction will occur the spine is then fused and will not bend or twist normally which limits movement. Many patients experience pain and disability in later life following spinal fusion.

Scoliosis and Nutrition New research is showing that nutrition is one of the environmental factors that may contribute to the progression of scoliosis. Nutrients such as selenium, melatonin, and others, have symbiotic effects in patients with scoliosis.

Scoliosis Progression 1 in 4 children with scoliosis are at risk of developing moderate to severe spinal deformity. 70% of all scoliosis progression occurs during a short 3 year pubertal growth phase. Certain types of scoliosis continue to progress into adulthood at a slower pace.