ScoliSMART will change your life by controlling, and even reversing, your scoliosis. It will do so without any uncomfortable braces or expensive surgeries.

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Our ScoliSMART Bootcamp is on offer at our clinic in NYC.

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Large Curves

Scoliosis BootCamp

A Ten Day Program designed to reduce and stabilize existing scoliosis for large curves.

Small Curves

Small Curve Camp

Our Five Day Program is the ideal place to start when first diagnosed with a small curve.

This innovative neoprene suit can be worn under clothing and uses your body’s natural movements to untwist your scoliosis. 

With the right ScoliSMART exercises you can not only stop your scoliosis but reverse your scoliosis as well. We am to instill a foundation for a lifetime of healthy living.

An intensive five or ten day treatment program designed for adults who are suffering from pain related to a recent scoliosis diagnosis.


Healthy Inside & Out

Our wide range of therapies and programs help to bring a full body balance to improve your spine and health.


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Individually Tailored Programs
Proactive Care
At Home Therapies
Mind & Body Approach


Improve Your Curvature
Get Better Health
Achieve Peace of Mind
Reduced pain
Achieve more in Life

What Makes ScoliSMART Different?

ScoliSMART goes beyond the symptom to treat the root cause of your scoliosis condition to reduced scoliosis curve, stop progression and stabilize your spine, long term, without the need of rigid bracing and invasive surgery. 

A Letter From Dr. Sid

“My success in my Scoliosis practice was built on constantly reframing the questions I was asking about my patient’s health challenges and their scoliosis AND looking at cases through myriad lenses. This approach takes time, persistence, and determination, but also empathy, and even love. And slowly but surely we were able to establish the groundwork for a better way, a map, of what safe, effective, non-invasive scoliosis care could be like – One that:

  • Looks at the whole person
  • Moves toward root-cause resolution versus symptom management
  • Delivers sustainable results you can see and feel
  • Leads to empowered, inspired, and happy kids, teens, adults, owning their scoliosis as opposed to their scoliosis owning them

There is no shortcut – no one pill, protocol, or god-like practitioner that has all the answers for our patients (or even ourselves!).

Are you ready to take charge of your scoliosis?  Visit us. Learn how and why ScoliSMART, the unrivaled and trusted alternative to rigid braces and fusion surgery for scoliosis treatment, really works!”

Dr. Aatif Siddiqui (“Dr. Sid”)


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