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Retraining the Brain

Retraining the Brain Corrects the Miscommunication The good news is that neuromuscular retraining exercises can halt scoliosis progression whether the curve is minimal or extreme. Coupled with nutritional supplements to correct imbalances, this is the closest you can get to a cure. The ScoliSMART™ Auto Response Training uses balance, weights, exercises and patented equipment to

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Curve Progression

Additional Factors Lead to Curve Progression Weak muscles don’t lead to scoliosis curve progression, either. Curve progression appears to be largely dependent on genetic and environmental influences ranging from nutritional deficiencies to specific athletic activities. Your child may be genetically predisposed to severe scoliosis (curves that progress to over 45 degrees) or may have a

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Customized Treatment to Help Your Adult Scoliosis

Weight-bearing exercises can reverse adult scoliosis regardless of the cause or nutritional factors. You may cringe at the idea of “exercises” because your pain is so intense. If you suffer from chronic pain, you are a great candidate for whole body vibration therapy. Vibration therapy causes muscle contractions and improves bone density. It strengthens muscles

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Why Progression Skyrockets in Curves Over 30 Degrees

Untreated, scoliosis often progresses to 45 degrees or more, which is when doctors start recommending surgery. This is extremely frustrating because the same doctors typically suggest you “wait and watch” your child’s mild scoliosis (curves less than 20 degrees) to see if it’s progressing. ScoliSMART™ doctors never recommend waiting. Early intervention is crucial because scoliosis

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