Case Study: Patients’ Spinal Curves Reduced by Scoliosis Treatment

Spinal Manipulation Combined With Postural Therapy Works

This 2004 study explored the benefits of a unique new scoliosis treatment method on a sample of patients chosen from chiropractic facilities across the US.

The researchers recognized that past scoliosis treatments that combined manipulation and physiotherapy were largely unsuccessful. So in this study, they used a combination of three methods not commonly used together as treatment for lumbar scoliosis:

  • Spinal manipulation,
  • Traction,
  • Neuromuscular re-education.

The main difference in this treatment plan compared to others is the stimulation of postural reflexes done both in the clinic and at home.

How the Scoliosis Treatment Study Was Conducted

The 19 patients taking part in the study were between 15 and 65 years old. X-rays were taken of each subject before and after their treatment. A Cobb angle (the degree of spinal curvature) was drawn on the x-rays so changes to the spine could be measured over time.

Each of the patients then underwent four to six weeks of scoliosis treatment. A customized treatment regime was created for each patient involving chiropractic adjustments, posture work, and traction. Patients were also required to do daily exercises for scoliosis at home.

The goal of this regime was not only to reduce the spinal curve but also to help the patient with any underlying postural or neurological weaknesses.

Scoliosis Treatment Results

After the scoliosis treatment was completed, the Cobb angles were x-rayed again, measured and compared. The study group had an average 17% reduction in their spinal curvature. This means that every patient in the study experienced at least a 25% improvement after 6 weeks of therapy or less.

The researchers concluded that the combined use of spinal manipulation along with postural therapy and exercises for scoliosis significantly reduced the severity of spinal curve in all the subjects.

This highly effective scoliosis treatment was adapted / adopted by the Clear Institute and is the method used by Dr Sid at Esprit Wellness.

(The fully documented study written by Mark W. Morningstar, Dennis Woggon and Gary Lawrence can be read here.)
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