Mild Scoliosis

What do all large spinal curvatures have in common?

They all started out as smaller curves.

Our proactive approach to treating scoliosis significantly increases your chance of avoiding invasive spinal procedures in the future.


Small Curve Camp – for Scoliosis Curvatures Less Than 25°

Our 5 day Small Curve Camp™ is the foundation of early intervention designed for children diagnosed with spinal curvature below 25 degrees. Our system features ScoliSMART™ exercise therapy, combined with gentle cyclical traction equipment to reduce spinal rigidity often found at the apical (peak of curve) region of existing curvature.

girl-and-mom-1This program accomplishes the following:
  • Provides a proactive, effective approach to the passive, traditional,
  • and risky “wait and see” do nothing concept
  • Determines risk of progression
  • Creates a comprehensive long term plan for your child’s scoliosis
  • Slows or eliminates natural scoliosis progression
  • Reduces existing spinal curvature
  • Eliminates posture asymmetry
  • Induces stability

Our doctors will provide detailed timelines, homecare protocols, and treatment goals empowering parents and children thereby significantly decreasing the risk of developing moderate to severe spinal deformity. In most cases early intervention will significantly reduce or even eliminate risk of progression while reducing existing mild scoliosis often to single digits. Postural and balance based ScoliSMART™ training is the main focus, designed to cause a different brain-muscle communication and change muscle coordination, asymmetry, and muscle memory.

Statistically if scoliosis curves reach the 25° range the chance of progression is near 70%. In most cases when scoliosis curvatures measuring less than 25 degrees are treated using neurological based rehabilitation the scoliosis can be defeated, stabilizing the spinal curves at less than 10 degrees. In order for this to occur it is important to re-educate the postural neurology before the 30 degree mark occurs to maintain the upper hand regarding soft tissue adaptations.

When your child performs ScoliSMART™ exercises using Auto Response Training, your child’s spine will react to specific exercise induced stimuli, causing their brain to initiate and reorganize their posture, creating a more stable alignment with gravity. This will reduce existing spinal curvature and significantly decrease the chance that their scoliosis will worsen as they grow. Unlike traditional physical therapy or chiropractic care, ScoliSMART™ rehabilitation requires specialized equipment combined with a knowledgeable doctor to achieve the desired outcome. We hope that you will choose our program for your proactive scoliosis treatment. We look forward to meeting you.

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