ScoliSmart Scoliosis Programs

Large Curves

Scoliosis BootCamp

A Ten Day Program designed to reduce and stabilize existing scoliosis for large curves.

Small Curves

Small Curve Camp

Our Five Day Program is the ideal place to start when first diagnosed with a small curve.

It’s not a brace

Scoliosis Activity Suit

This innovative neoprene suit can be worn under clothing and uses your body’s natural movements to untwist your scoliosis. 

A simple test can give detailed information regarding your neurotransmitters, allowing us to develop a diet specifically for you. 

With the right ScoliSMART exercises you can not only stop your scoliosis but reverse your scoliosis as well. We am to instill a foundation for a lifetime of healthy living.

An intensive five or ten day treatment program designed for adults who are suffering from pain related to a recent scoliosis diagnosis.

Start a Consultation

Start a Consultation with our Experienced Staff to find out if ScoliSmart is right for you or your child.

Our ScoliSMART Bootcamp is on offer at our clinic in NYC.


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