Scoliosis Treatments

Our 5 Step Scoliosis Treatment

The 5 R’s of a Successful BootCamp Program

Reduce Curve Rigidity

Every patient’s curvature will carry a certain amount of rigidity. Your doctor will determine what treatment is necessary to decrease curve rigidity.

Retrain Muscle

ScoliSMART™ exercises are used to recruit new muscle memory which holds the  spine in  a new straighter position.

Repeat Home Training

Multiple sessions of ScoliSMART™ exercise training at home will cause corrective adaptation and spinal stability.


Periodic evaluations are needed to monitor success of your home care program and determine if more clinical treatment is needed.


Additional treatment may be necessary to achieve greater scoliosis reduction levels.


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Please contact us at New York clinic to see if our juvenile and adult scoliosis treatments are right for you.

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