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These are results from our actual patients. We’re not going to promise a quick fix or magic potion. We will give you treatment options to improve your child’s condition and life—forever.


Celine – A Scoliosis Warrior

Celine - A Scoliosis Warrior (Revealer)

Results from Actual Patients

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Felipe is a 14.6 year old male from Brazil. He presented with a right primary thoracolumbar idiopathic scoliosis measuring 48º. After Scoliosis BootCamp, his scoliosis measured 32º. Felipe continues to do his exercise program and has been able to sustain correction.

Brent is a 16 year old male Risser III presenting with a 48º primary thoracic scoliosis. Following the Scoliosis BootCamp program, he was able to reduce his scoliosis to 30º. He has been prescribed a home care program consisting of auto response training using a TorsoTrainer™ for twenty minutes three times daily for four months. The probability of long term success with his case is high due to his age and initial reduction level.

Kaylee is a 14.4 year old female Risser IV with a primary thoracic scoliosis and right body shift of 2 inches. Initial response to 2 week BootCamp resulted in a 37% reduction of her scoliosis from 49º to 31º. She was prescribed daily home exercises consisting of a TorsoTrainer™ and a vestibular disc to ensure new muscle memory will be achieved. She will be evaluated in 3 months to determine the effectiveness of home care.

Ellie is an 11.3 year old female Risser I with primary thoracic scoliosis and mild body shift right of 1.5 inches. Initial response to a 2 week Scoliosis BootCamp program resulted in a decrease of her scoliosis measurement from 39º to 27º. She has a high risk of progression and will be required to perform daily training exercises using leveraged cantilever exercises and a vestibular disk on a vibration platform. She will return for additional BootCamp sessions periodically through growth.

Baili is a 13.5 year old female with severe primary thoracic scoliosis and postural deformity. Initial response to Scoliosis BootCamp exercise training was a 30% decrease to her spinal curvature, from 60º to 42º, and a 60% improvement with postural asymmetry taking her body shift from 4 inches to 1.5 inches. Stable muscle memory should occur within 3 months of the BootCamp with daily exercises, followed by another week of BootCamp where we will again aim to further reduce and stabilize her curvature.

Angie presented as an 11 year old female Risser 0, with a severe thoracic primary lower torso scoliosis measuring 60º. After her 2 week Scoliosis BootCamp, she reduced her curvature to 43º and will be on a strict home care program using her TorsoTrainer™ and vestibular disc. Although she is at a higher risk of progression with her growth spurt ahead of her, she has a much stronger chance of avoiding surgery than with traditional methods.

Maddie, now 16.7 years old has a lumbar scoliosis measuring 18º using the standard Cobb measurement. She and her twin sister started the program 3 years ago at age 13.7. Maddie presented with a 37º curve before the program.

Cindy, a skeletally mature 16 year old female with thoracolumbar scoliosis. After participating in a one week small curve camp, she was able to eliminate the condition and sustained correction 18 months later.

Rose, an 11 year old female Risser I – Completed a two week BootCamp and was prescribed home care. The six month follow-up demonstrates a 53% correction.

Samantha is a 14 year old female with primary thoracic scoliosis. She’s achieved a 28% correction of her curvature during the 2 week Scoliosis BootCamp. Because she has finished her pubertal growth spurt, her risk of progression has decreased tremendously, and she will be able to achieve stability and lasting reduction in a shorter amount of time – on average 12-18 months.

15 year old Kayla had primary lumbar scoliosis with a significant rotation Risser IV. The 14 month follow up demonstrates a 32º Cobb angle and a stable correction of 34% with de-rotation occurring, creating a very nice cosmetic improvement.

Julia, a 13.4 year old female with primary thoraco-lumbar scoliosis went from 36º to 18º in the Scoliosis BootCamp program.

Violet, now age 16.7 years with a scoliosis measurement of 15º. Started with her twin sister 3 years ago at age 13.7 years. At that time she was scheduled for fusion surgery. She and her sister have both avoided rigid bracing and surgery through hard work and dedication to the BootCamp system. She has a 69% curve reduction.

12 year old female high risk Risser II primary thoracic scoliosis. Two week initial BootCamp, one additional week of camp at 6 months and a total of 14 months home exercises using the TorsoTrainer™. Sustained 80% reduction 29º to 6º after 14 months. She is now 13 and Risser III.

14 year old female Risser IV, Thoracic Primary Scoliosis. Sustained reduction of 50% with dramatic posture improvement and relief of lower back spasms when playing sports. Local care program consisting of 3 times per week for 3 months.

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