At the ScoliSMART™ Clinics, we teach your child an exercise training routine that creates new muscle memory to hold the spine straighter. Our Early Stage Intervention and Scoliosis BootCamp™ programs halt scoliosis progression, reduce curvature, and improve your child’s breathing. We also decrease each child’s curve rigidity so they can move more easily. Additionally, we use these patented exercises and neurological training to help relieve adult scoliosis and the pain of degenerative arthritis through ScoliPAIN.

Every scoliosis case is unique. Larger curves require more extensive treatment, especially in children whose spines are still growing. Curves that measure over 25 degrees have a 68 percent chance of progressing in adulthood, as well. Our innovative equipment and Auto Response Training helps minimize the “coil down” effect of scoliosis. This is when the spine twists from the top to the bottom, kinking in the middle like a rubber band. The spine needs a chance to be free of this coil down effect to improve the chances of stabilizing or reducing the curvature.