Retraining the Brain

Retraining the Brain Corrects the Miscommunication

The good news is that neuromuscular retraining exercises can halt scoliosis progression whether the curve is minimal or extreme. Coupled with nutritional supplements to correct imbalances, this is the closest you can get to a cure. The ScoliSMART™ Auto Response Training uses balance, weights, exercises and patented equipment to “fix” the neuromuscular miscommunication. Our program uses involuntary exercises to retrain the brain and form new muscle memory. The program reduces the rigidity in your child’s spine and triggers the brain to auto correct—instead of trying to force the spine to align.

Research showing that the brain-muscle imbalance causes scoliosis progression is not recent. Yet, treating the cause of scoliosis instead of its crooked spine symptom is still somewhat non-traditional. It’s difficult for some medical practitioners to accept that a less expensive, non-invasive treatment corrects scoliosis. It’s hard for some to divert from the historical path.

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