Why Are We Still Using Scoliosis Braces?

Possibly, doctors and chiropractors still prescribe scoliosis braces because they continue to view the condition as purely physical rather than neurological. Scoliosis is primarily caused by the brain not being able to maintain or restore posture and balance. In children with scoliosis, the brain doesn’t recognize that the spine is out of alignment, so it doesn’t trigger auto-correction mechanisms to fix the curvature. For whatever reason, the natural alarm bells don’t sound in the brain stem, so the brain doesn’t realize there’s a problem to fix.

Scoliosis exercise treatment is needed to create a stimulus that helps the brain to recognize something is wrong. The brain will then work to correct spinal posture. Exercises need to stimulate a subconscious trigger, so only specialized exercises work. A routine of sit-ups and pelvic exercises won’t create the needed trigger.

This is why using braces to guide bone growth doesn’t make sense. Neither does “waiting and watching” a curve that measures less than 25 degrees, which is common treatment in the early stages of scoliosis.

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