Choosing the Right Scoliosis Treatment for Your Child

Making the right scoliosis treatment decisions is difficult for you and your child—especially if you’re not presented with all the options. You deserve to know that scoliosis is not simply physical. Treatment shouldn’t be, either.

The Society of Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitative Treatment (SOSORT) says there are many factors more important than correcting a Cobb angle. These factors should be considered before you make scoliosis treatment decisions:

  1. Is your child disabled? Can the treatment cause disability?
  2. Does your child suffer from back pain? Can the treatment cause back pain?
  3. Does your child have a rib hump? Can the treatment cause one or make it worse?
  4. How is your child’s quality of life now? Will the treatment improve it or worsen it?
  5. Are your child’s breathing functions good now? Does the treatment pose a threat to breathing functions?
  6. How is your child’s psychological well-being? How will it be affected by the treatment?
  7. Does your child face scoliosis progression in adulthood? How does the treatment address this?
  8. Will further treatments be required when your child is an adult, regardless of the treatment?

We can help you learn about scoliosis and your treatment options. No matter what you’ve been told, you deserve a second opinion. We’re not going to promise a quick fix or magic potion. We will give you treatment options to improve your child’s condition and life—forever. Get help today.

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