Auto Response Training Exercises Don’t Look Like Gym Class

The exercises that stimulate subconscious automatic postural control centers aren’t the ones you would see in gym class. They’re balancing exercises in which small amounts of weight are put on the head, torso and pelvis. These exercises help the brain perceive a different center of mass, or balancing point, for that part of your child’s body. The brain sends out an automatic response to re-balance the new center. This creates a re-alignment of the entire spine. The Auto Response Training concept isn’t radical; it’s just fairly new to scoliosis treatment. But it works 100 percent of the time because everyone’s brain stem is wired the same and responds predictably to this re-alignment of balancing points.

Auto Response Training helps people of all ages and curve measurements because it halts scoliosis progression and reduces curvature. But it has the most tremendous results in children whose curves have not reached 30 degrees. Your child’s curve will likely never reach 30 degrees if he or she adheres to the ScoliSMART™ Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention Program. Mild curves are often reduced to less than 10 degrees (barely noticeable).