Most cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, meaning they have no known cause. Yet the progression of scoliosis is caused by a miscommunication between the brain and the muscles. The brain doesn’t realize that your child’s posture is out of alignment, so it doesn’t send the messages telling the muscles to correct the spinal curvature.

ScoliSMART™ training focuses on correcting that neuromuscular miscommunication. Our Auto Response Training creates new muscle memory and coordination that helps the body stabilize. This exercise training lowers the chance that scoliosis will get worse and often reduces the curve to less than 10 degrees. No scoliosis treatment can “fix” the condition 100 percent. Beware if someone tells you they can “cure”scoliosis—there is no cure. The best result is to halt progression and reduce the curve as much as possible.

Thankfully, a genetic test developed in 2009 called ScoliScore™ tells us the probability that your child’s scoliosis will progress to 45 degrees or more, which is when surgery is often recommended. This saliva-based DNA test shows the probability for extreme scoliosis progression is less than 1 percent in 85 percent of children. This is good news. It’s also good that your child won’t be required to have multiple x-rays year after year—a monitoring method accompanied by the danger of radiation exposure.

The Cobb angle measurement is not so important when we use ScoliScore testing. The test allows us to focus on building new muscle memory instead of recommending ineffective treatment like scoliosis braces.