Scoliosis Alternatives

Only Involuntary Exercises Stop Scoliosis Progression

Another serious issue with scoliosis bracing is that bones cannot grow properly without intermittent pressure. The theory behind bracing is that it will open the inside of the curve (the concavity) by removing pressure and encouraging growth on the concave side of the curve (the convexity). But you need intermittent pressure on bones to stimulate

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Nutritional Testing

The chemicals your brain uses to talk with the rest of your body are called neurotransmitters. We test neurotransmitters for imbalances that contribute to the development or progression of idiopathic scoliosis. Imbalances can be corrected with supplements and dietary changes. Normal neurotransmitter levels help your child benefit from ScoliSMART™ exercises. If a scoliosis brace has

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