The Best Opportunity for Spinal Correction

No one knows exactly why this coil down effect happens, but it appears to be connected to adverse mechanical tension on the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord. The opportunity for spinal correction is much greater before this crankshaft phenomenon of rotation and torque starts because the spine is more flexible. Thus, we stress early intervention.

The ScoliSMART™ Early Stage Intervention and Treatment begins with a five-day outpatient program at one of our clinics which kick-starts the crucial neuromuscular retraining. It also includes ongoing home treatment, goals and assessments of improvement and stability.

ScoliSMART™ early intervention includes:

  • A genetic risk assessment—tests saliva to find the likelihood of curve progression
  • Neurotransmitter testing—determines hormone imbalances that contribute to brain-muscle miscommunication
  • Home muscle training program—involuntary exercise program that follows our outpatient programs
  • Nutritional testing and support—supplements that correct hormone imbalances

We also provide guidance to help you decide if sports and activities like dance, swimming and gymnastics are potentially harmful for your child. The goal is for children with scoliosis to have a normal childhood, so we don’t recommend eliminating activities they love. However, we may suggest that they limit exercises that cause a flattening of the mid-back, such as back bends.

Your child’s scoliosis is not the exact same as any other child’s. At the ScoliSMART™ Clinics, we treat your child as an individual, not a condition. Contact us today for more information on exercises that stop curve progression.