Only Involuntary Exercises Stop Scoliosis Progression

Another serious issue with scoliosis bracing is that bones cannot grow properly without intermittent pressure. The theory behind bracing is that it will open the inside of the curve (the concavity) by removing pressure and encouraging growth on the concave side of the curve (the convexity). But you need intermittent pressure on bones to stimulate growth and the concavity needs to grow. You cannot “guide” bone growth by squeezing the ribs and bending them laterally while the wearer sleeps or sits.

The ScoliSMART™ doctors give credit to all professionals using exercises to help people with scoliosis—especially children like yours—avoid surgery. However, not all scoliosis exercises work the same. Voluntary exercises, like running a certain distance, jumping a certain height or doing pushups, do not produce the dramatic improvements we see with involuntary exercises.

Involuntary exercises occur when the body automatically moves in direct proportion to a specific stimulus, like carrying a purse or wearing glasses. These movements become automated habits in our brains. It’s estimated that it takes 3,500 repetitions of a specific activity to become an automated habit. So, if your child did voluntary exercises three times a day, it would take three years for them to become automated habits.

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